Developing top quality products that aim to covering different needs and demands of different markets is our No1 priority. All Mediterranean Cosmetics S.A. products, both branded and PL, come with official certifications and are the result of combining the most beneficial ingredients of the Mediterranean nature with innovative formulas of state-of-the-art cosmetology.

Research & Development is the driving force of Mediterranean Cosmetics S.A.Through our constant strive to evolve, we have created synergies with selected Universities and Institutes in Europe and the United States. Furthermore, we have ensured that our entire product range complies with EU hygiene and safety regulations, and with the COLIPA guidelines (European association of cosmetics, personal care and perfumery industries).

As a result, we provide integrated Private Label solutions, offered in bulk and finished products with flexibility as to minimum production quantities. We produce new and modern formulations, while we can also adapt existing ones on demand, offering a choice amongst a wide range of scientifically tested formulations.

We stand by you at every stage of Private Label production, providing technical and graphic design support, marketing services, packaging proposals and solutions and support for product registration in accordance with CPNP, to offer comprehensive professional services.