The Sole Proprietorship Societe Anonyme under the name «MEDITERRANEAN COSMETICS FACTORY SOCIETE ANONYME PRODUCTION AND TRADE OF COSMETICS AND HAIRDRESSING its online platforms, in order to provide improved services, in compliance with the relevant legislation.

Specifically, this Policy determines the use of Cookies on the corporate website
1. What are Cookies?

“Cookies” are small self-installed text files that are allowed to be stored on the terminal equipment (PC, mobile phone, tablet) and specifically in the browser of the visitor / user who visits a website, without knowing any document or file.

Cookies technology can collect information such as the type of browser, the server, the language chosen by the visitor / user, his preferences, his searches. Used for:

-facilitating the visitor / user to access specific pages of the website,

-the authentication when required e.g. for statistical purposes, in order to determine the areas which are useful and popular,

-his security.

The use of cookies for the analysis of the activity of the visitors / users serves the improvement of the website and the provision of personalized services.

The storage of Cookies files, depending on the type of each, is allowed with the explicit consent of the visitor / user which can be given through appropriate settings in the web browser. The user can revoke his consent at any time, without retroactive effect, by deleting the “Cookies” files from his terminal equipment, according to the following.
2. Cookies used and processing purposes

The site uses:

a) Necessary technical / functional Cookies.
These are the necessary cookies that ensure the smooth operation of the website.


b) Statistical analysis cookies.
Statistical Analytics Cookies collect information about the interaction with the content of the site. This data is anonymous and is analyzed in its entirety for all visitors to the site. Based on this data we can improve the content and efficiency of the site.
The website uses the Google Analytics service. Visitors / users of the website choose if they wish to receive relevant messages and can be excluded from relevant actions in the context of Display Advertising using Ads Settings.

3. Manage options and Cookie storage time

The management of your choices regarding the storage of Cookies is provided through an electronic application managed by the Company. The consent files are kept for 2 years.
Cookies are either temporary, so they are retained for as long as you remain on the site and are automatically deleted when you leave it, or they are permanent and are retained for a longer period depending on the type of each, so they are deleted either automatically at expiration or manually via of the corresponding browser of your terminal equipment, whenever you wish.
You can delete the Cookies on your computer or mobile device, as well as adjust the browser you use (Internet Explore, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.) so that it does not allow the installation of Cookies without your explicit consent. However, in this case some services may not work. Please note that Cookies that are technically necessary for the operation of the website or for the provision of a service can not be disabled.

More information about Cookies can be found at: and/or
4. Modifications to the Cookies Policy

The Company may at any time modify this Policy at its discretion, in order to respond to any changes in the operation of the website and the available applications, the services it offers and the legal provisions, by posting the revised version on this website.
Last update 03 Νοεμβρίου 2021.