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New and unique hair and body product ranges! For the consumer who is interested in both high quality and affordable products, HELENSON offers the ultimate value for money proposition. Treat yourself to an exhilarating, unique experience by using body and hair care products with specially designed ingredients, affordable to everyone. The hair range includes products with advanced formula that are based on vitamins A, E, F and Ceramides,covers the needs of every hair type and ensures repair, strength and protection. The body range includes products with carefully chosen, special scents,, which transform your everyday body care into a refreshing, mood changing ritual. Affordable care products, with high standards and quality results.

The Helenson products care also for the enviroment…Our packs have 25% less plastic* This way, we save 24 tons of CO2 emissions**! This is the same amount of pollution from driving 140.000km with a car or from using 8.000lt of heating oil! (*compared to average plastic of 500gr packs/ **referred on indicative production of 500.000 bottles).