Beauty with benefits


Our vision

Beauty starts from basic beauty care and a daily beauty regime. Ensuring high quality in everyday beauty care is a woman's first step to owning her beauty and this translates to strength and confidence that can be shared with other women, changing their everyday lives for the better.


Our mission

We create certified, high-quality Greek cosmetics by selecting and combining the most beneficial ingredients found in Mediterranean nature with innovative raw materials based on state-of-the-art cosmetology. Our goal is to further develop our research and production methods, so that highly effective beauty care products can be accessible to as many women as possible, regardless of race, age or any other distinguishing factor.


Our Strive:The innovation

At Mediterranean Cosmetics S.A. we place great emphasis on the Research & Development of new products.

Striving for innovation, our experienced scientific staff closely monitors global developments in the cosmetology sector and designs products to meet the constantly evolving requirements of consumers! To decide on the ingredients of our products, we try and use only the best, amongst those offered directly by Mediterranean nature, or innovative raw materials offered by state-of-the-art cosmetology.

The Research & Development for our products is conducted in cooperation with Universities and Institutes in Europe and America, while our entire product range complies with EU hygiene and safety regulations and with the COLIPA (European association of cosmetics, personal care and perfumery industries) guidelines.

Worldwide Presence

‘Beauty with benefits all over the world.’

Mediterranean Cosmetics S.A. has a robust and dynamic presence on the global cosmetics market map. We export to the U.S.Α., the Greater Middle East, Europe, and Asia, while our export business is constantly growing, based on the principles of innovation, high technical expertise and unparalleled quality.

The particularly stringent standards and high quality requirements of these countries form an absolute commitment for us, driving us to continuous development and excellence.

In addition, our significant presence in major international exhibitions every year helps us to understand trends in the international market from within and to fully keep up with these.