MEDITERRANEAN COSMETICS s. a. is a cosmetics producer for hair, body and face products, located in a 2.400 sq. m. modern laboratory in northern Greece. We are specialized in any kind of hair products, especially in permanent hair color creams, along with products for body and face. Our products are produced with the guide of COLIPA (European Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association) and according to the EU cosmetics directives.

The company has 4 brands of hair color creams: MEDITERRANEAN COLOR, a 60 ml / 60 nuance hair color cream based on natural olive oil, MEDITERRANEAN COLOR BIO is a 60ml/ 18 nuance hair color cream, ammonia free. The organic olive oil contained, guarantees absolute protection and silky smooth and shiny hair. COLOR PRO, a 100 ml / 81 nuance professional hair color cream enriched with ceramide and amino acids. EXCLUSIVE HAIR COLOR, a 100ml / 60 nuance hair color cream based on a unique, modern formula rich in new generation pigments with organic olive oil, ceramide and amino acids combination. Of course every brand has its own line of products, such as hydrogen peroxide, bleaching powder, shampoos, conditioners, etc. for even better results.

MEDITERRANEAN COSMETICS s. a, also provides PRIVATE LABELproduction. Cause to knowledge that international markets demands, we guarantee testified high quality, competitive prices and flexibility in production.

We are perfectly equipped for the creation of any number of new or revised product lines.